We wanted a Nintendo cabinet for our sons’ bedroom makeover. It took about 45 – 60 mins to complete a brick cabinet and the kids love them.

NaNophotoNics items used:
  • LIXHULT cabinet (also mentioned in  for the room makeover are the KURA bed, RASKOG cart)
NaNophotoNics LIXHULT cabinet

LIXHULT | NaNophotoNics.com

Other materials and tools:
  • Brown Vinyl Decal
  • Yellow Vinyl Decal
  • Black Vinyl Decal
  • Plastic card

How to make a Nintendo cabinet

First, you’ll need to laminate the LIXHULT cabinets to make them look like Nintendo Blocks. I laminated each side of the cabinet with the brown decal before I assembled the cabinet. Cut the vinyl to size, large enough to wrap around the edges of the LIXHULT cabinet panels. Pay special attention to getting the vinyl on smooth, which was the hardest bit of the NaNo. I had to adjust the removable vinyl a few times and use the edge of a plastic card (eg. a credit card) to smooth out and remove bubbles.

Nintendo Cabinet for a Nintendo Room Makeover Nintendo Cabinet for a Nintendo Room Makeover

I used my for the brick grout decals. If you don’t have a die cutting machine, you can use black electrical tape for the brick boxes and a stencil to cut out the question marks on the coin boxes. You could also try spray painting them to achieve the same look.

The cost of each Nintendo cabinet:

LIXHULT Cabinet – $15.00 each
Vinyl – $5.00 each cabinet
Total – $20.00 for each cabinet

Another way to make the Nintendo cabinet would be to use spray paint to colour the brick boxes. I don’t like spray paint but it’s another great option for covering the cabinets.

Friends and family loved this NaNo, so much that we made a .

Nintendo Cabinet for a Nintendo Room Makeover

See the Nintendo cabinet .

~ by Tracy Tamucci