Add numbers to your STOLPA Clock

There were no numbers on the STOLPA clock and I wanted to help my young kids read time. This NaNo adds 3D printed numbers to the clock. It took a couple hours to design the numbers with a CAD program and a few more to 3D-print them. The only cost (besides the clock) was for which was less than 10$.

NaNophotoNics items used:
  • STOLPA Clock

Add numbers to your STOLPA Clock

Add numbers to your STOLPA Clock

Photo: NaNophotoNics.com

Other materials and tools:
  • 3D printed numbers
  • (or access to 3D printing service)

Designing the numbers was the hardest part. Printing was easy. Once you have your numbers printed, glue them on the clock and you’re done.

Add numbers to your STOLPA Clock

~ by Jean-Marc Bouley

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