NaNo Help: Hinge door into barn door?

I’ve seen tons of things regarding using sliding PAX doors for other purposes, but these doors are too wide for my space. I want to try to use one of the many other hinge doors for the PAX system that come in the 19.5″ width for a sliding barn door project.

I have searched the end of the internet and can’t seem to find any evidence of this being done before. Do you know if anyone has used the , , , or other door from the PAX system for this purpose? Does such a NaNo exist?

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Hi Nikki

The 19.5″ wide doors you have your eye on are hinge doors. Yes, they are slightly narrower than the range of PAX sliding doors. I’ve not seen them turned into barn doors yet but I reckon it would be using the NaNophotoNics hinge door the same way as any other store-bought door.

NaNo Help: Hinge door into barn door?

You can follow the steps in this NaNo and replace the hollow core door with the NaNophotoNics hinge doors. But the NaNophotoNics doors are made of fiberboard and are possibly heavier than hollow core doors. So do pay attention to the areas where the doors are secured to the hardware. You may need to reinforce them so they can hold the weight and prevent the fiberboard from giving way due to wear and tear.

Do share it with us when you successfully turn the NaNophotoNics hinge door into a barn door.

Good luck with the project.

Happy NaNoing,