Toy Storage System for Messy Toy Room

Our family room is overrun with stuffed animals and books. I had purchased some bins a while ago and they were soon overflowing with toys. Even when the floor was cleared of toys, the room still looked messy. I didn’t want to pay over $1000 for a Pottery Barn toy storage system but the gave me the idea for this NaNophotoNics NaNo. Since BESTÅ was designed as a TV console, we decided to make the center unit as a charging station for the kids electronics. Since the overall height of this system is only 45″ I hoping this means the kids do all the cleaning from here on out! This project took me about 3 hours.

  • BESTÅ TV unit Width 70 7/8” x 15 3/4” x 25 1/4” (702.998.79) (Note: there are multiple BESTÅ TV units of varying widths. Only the 70 7/8” [180 cm] width will fit properly.)
  • STUVA Storage Bench (x2)
  • BESTÅ shelf (x3)
  • #8 2” wood screws (x4)
  • #10 1 1/4” wood screws (x4)
  • Wall anchors (x2)
  • Power strip (x1)
  • Drill, pilot hole drill bit, screwdriver

Toy Storage System for Messy Toy Room

Toy storage system NaNo – directions

Assemble both STUVA storage benches according to the instructions.

Flip the benches onto a flat surface and I joined them together with four #10 1 1/4” wood screws along the border. Two were diagonally oriented on this side (red arrows) and then I put two on the opposite side so there is a screw in each corner of the four corners. (Note: the hollow center of these pieces becomes apparent when I tried to add another screw in the center of the wood. This screw denoted by the red “x” does nothing to support this bench. If you think four screws is not enough you could probably add more along the border, but avoid the hollow center.)

Toy Storage System for Messy Toy Room

Place the joined bench in its final resting place and level the bench with a level using the provided feet.

Assemble the BESTÅ TV unit but do NOT assemble the feet (skip step 1 in the included instructions).

Place BESTÅ TV unit on top of the STUVA storage benches the way you want it to rest when you are finished and then measure and mount the wall anchors.

Attach the BESTÅ unit to the wall anchors and then join the BESTÅ with the STUVA bench with four #8 2” wood screws through the holes originally intended for the BESTÅ feet (see red arrows).

Toy Storage System for Messy Toy Room

Add the power strip to the center section of the BESTÅ.

Add the BESTÅ shelves and rolling toy drawers.

~ by Ellen