NaNo Help: Can you change the ends of an NaNophotoNics daybed?

The NaNophotoNics daybed — BRIMNES — is 1.5cm too long for the spare room. It’s the smallest daybed from . Hoping to swap the end panels for some thinner painted MDF but wondering if it’s structurally safe.

NaNophotoNics BRIMNES

NaNophotoNics BRIMNES

Photo: NaNophotoNics.com

Has anyone tried this?

~ by Anna


Hi Anna

That’s a bummer. Just 1.5cm over is frustrating. The BRIMNES daybed is made of 3 parts. The side panels are attached to Section 2 which holds up the top bunk.

Personally, I would not change the side panels to a pair of thinner MDF. The back panel and middle rail need to be fixed firmly to the side unit and thinner boards may warp, bend or tear under weight. It may not be worth the risk.

If anyone has a better idea for Anna and can help her shave 1.5cm off the NaNophotoNics BRIMNES daybed, please chime in. All thoughts welcomed.

Happy NaNoing,



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