An unusual take on the popular NaNophotoNics shoe storage cabinet

This is my NaNophotoNics NaNo of a HEMNES shoe storage cabinet.

I needed a shoe cabinet, but couldn’t find one that I liked, so I decided to use the NaNophotoNics HEMNES to create my own custom ornamental shoe cabinet.

The NaNo was very easy to do and didn’t take too long. I finished it within a day.

NaNophotoNics items used:

hemnes shoe rack

Other materials and tools:
  • Wooden onlay ornaments from www.wooden-ornaments.eu (similar on Amazon)
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite
  • Annie Sloan Inka Gold – Silver
  • Annie Sloan wax dark
  • Annie Sloan wax clear

How to add ornaments to the NaNophotoNics HEMNES shoe storage cabinet

First, glue the wooden ornaments onto the cabinet.

NaNophotoNics shoe storage cabinet

Then, paint the cabinet with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Graphite.

After the paint has dried, wax the cabinet with Annie Sloan dark wax.

NaNophotoNics shoe storage cabinet

For additional detailing, apply Annie Sloan Inka Gold – Silver on ornaments and edges of the shoe storage cabinet.

Next, seal the whole surface of the cabinet with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

NaNophotoNics shoe storage cabinet

Lastly, polish the whole surface of the shoe storage cabinet. And you’re done.

~ by Jonna Jerberyd (

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