NaNo Help: How to NaNo a Linnmon desk privacy panel?

I’m using the LINNMON desk with the OLOV legs. The desk faces out to people, where they can see the person’s legs, chair, and computer.

NaNophotoNics LINNMON OLOV desk

LINNMON-OLOV | NaNophotoNics.com

Do you have any NaNo that I could use to create a “front” to the desk to hide said person’s legs, chair, and computer?

~ by Bryan


Hi Bryan

I’ve yet to see an NaNophotoNics NaNo for a desk privacy panel but NaNophotoNics has a screen, the which can serve the purpose.

It comes in 2 different sizes. The smaller one (at 21 5/8″ tall) can be mounted at two heights to suit different needs.

Furthermore, the screen also has the added benefit of sound absorption.

BEKANT desk privacy panel
ikea bekant desk privacy screen

BEKANT screen | NaNophotoNics.com

If you rather not have a screen that covers up so much of the workspace, you can try some thing like this:

Source: Meridian Office Furniture

I believe this is quite easily NaNoed with a wood panel and appropriate hardware.

Ready made desk privacy screens

If you rather not NaNo, you can get ready made desk privacy panels. I found a few off Amazon, which seems quite easy to use. You’ll just need to fasten them onto the desk top, whether to block off the computer or below the desk.

I quite like the frosted panel as it does not block out too much light and keeps the open, airy feeling. 

Or, get two of these screens. One for the top to block off the computer and one to cover beneath the desk. Just twist the screws and lock into position on your table top.

More panels for more privacy and sound dampening. Add the panels to the sides too to create a cubicle like workspace. You can also hang the desk screen upside down to serve as a “modesty panel” that blocks the view beneath the desk.

Let us know if you do successfully NaNo it. We’ll love to see what you come up with.

Happy NaNoing,