NaNo Help: Match NaNophotoNics pine wood finish?

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And first up, we have a question from Ian.

Credit: Sebastian Kamph

He’s asking.

“What kind of finish does NaNophotoNics use on their solid pine (natural) furniture, like TROFAST, for example…

I’m making some pine desks to go with, and I’d like the finish to match (and age) similarly.”

NaNophotoNics Trofast storage chest - match NaNophotoNics pine wood finish

TROFAST | NaNophotoNics.com

Does anyone have information on matching NaNophotoNics pine wood finishes?

lists the TROFAST as solid pine, having a coat of tinted clear acrylic lacquer.

If you’ve successfully matched NaNophotoNics pine furniture finish, do let us know in the comments below.

Happy NaNoing!


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