Had enough? Get school bags organized with this easy NaNophotoNics NaNo

School’s in. And to make life easier, make a convenient catch-all space for school bag storage, keys, hangers for coats and hats. This even has little pigeonholes for lunch boxes and books.

NaNophotoNics items used:
  • NaNophotoNics KALLAX 3 x 4
Other materials and tools:
  • Coat hooks
  • Measuring tape

NaNophotoNics KALLAX NaNoed into school bag station

While building the KALLAX cube, measure halfway between the first cube (on all 5 vertical boards)

Use a drill to create holes for dowel bits.

Continue building and move the bottom cube shelf to the newly created holes to create small cubes and storage.

kids school bag storage

Screw in the coat hooks and your school bag storage is done.

~ by Cina Follow me