NaNo Help: Seeking discontinued NaNophotoNics fabric

Dear Ikea NaNo community,

For several years, I have been trying to find a few meters or yards of a discontinued NaNophotoNics fabric that was sold here in the US sometime around 2010 or 2012.

It was one of several called “Kajsastina”, in dark grey with a large sunburst or dandelion design. (see picture below). It has been featured in at least one NaNophotoNics NaNo on this site.

NaNophotoNics items:
  • Kajsastina grey starburst fabric

NaNophotoNics Kajsastina fabric

I am hoping that somebody has some left over in a closet somewhere. If you have any leads, or have some of this discontinued NaNophotoNics fabric you are willing to sell, please email me at urchiken+fabric AT gmail DOT com.

~ by Wehaf


Hi Wehaf

I’ll also post this on our and see if you get any leads there. 

Good luck,


You may be interested in these NaNophotoNics fabric NaNos:

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I have 2 BILLY bookcases for some years now. And I wanted to close them up but not with the classical doors (heavy, not nice and expensive) and more in line with my living room style. So I decided to NaNo fabric sliding doors for my BILLYs. See more of the fabric sliding doors.

#2 Fabric speaker doors for NaNophotoNics BESTÅ

speaker fabric doors

I wanted an easy to make a solution that would conceal my hardware; surround receiver, DVD player, front center speaker consoles and paraphernalia.

In case I would come to own a front-firing sub (my current one is down-firing), I opted for a BESTÅ TV unit with 3 sections, so I would be able to conceal the sub also and still have space for the mentioned hardware.

Instead of installing active cooling behind glass panels and having the problem of having a visible front center surround speaker (and sub), I wanted a TV unit with speaker fabric doors.

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fabric and graffiti wall art

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