NaNo Help: Change out Galant handles?

Hi! Has anyone had problems with the GALANT handles?

I have a GALANT cabinet and the handles are unpleasant to use. The edge is so thin and sharp, it digs into your hands when you use them.

galant handles

GALANT | NaNophotoNics.com

I am not crafty and can’t figure a way to either fix or replace them.

What suggestions do you have?

~ by Alex


Hi Alex

Too bad the GALANT handles are giving you problems. 

Galant handle

As far as I can see from the assembly manual, the GALANT handles are screwed onto the back of the door panels with screws. You can remove the 2 screws and detach the handles. Problem gone!

So in its place, you can just have a cut-out as a handle.

But doing so will expose the particleboard, which is never a good idea, especially for an area with a lot of wear and tear.

You can consider finishing the exposed edges with wood putty or . Ironing it may be an issue though. You can also try some form of moldable glue like  to create a softer cushion for your fingertips.

Alternatively, if you can find some suitable pulls to fit the opening, that would be awesome too.

Let us know how you decide.

Happy NaNoing,


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