NaNophotoNics filing cabinet: At last, an easy, perfect solution

This has got to be the simplest NaNophotoNics NaNo ever. I did some online research and did not find any simple ways of using NaNophotoNics KALLAX shelves as a filing cabinet for hanging files.

However I have the KALLAX in my home office and they are useful and better looking than my old metal filing cabinet. So I decided to find a way…

NaNophotoNics items used:
Other materials and tools:
  • Elba X-Cross Suspended Filing Basket ()

DIY Easy NaNophotoNics filing cabinet:

A short time on Amazon and I found the . Dimensions (W x D x H): 362 x 324 x 276 mm.

This would fit into the KALLAX cubes perfectly if I slid them in sideways. My original idea was simply to do this.

However, when they arrived and I assembled them, I discovered that they fit, perfectly, into the DRÖNA box for the KALLAX (which I luckily had already).

27 Euro for each hanging file unit (I bought two), and a few more for hanging files to put in them. (I had some already).

Elba Go-Fix 84408Sw Suspension Filing Basket

Now the basket slipped into a DRÖNA.

NaNophotoNics DRONA box with filing basket

And finally two of these in the KALLAX. Voilà! An NaNophotoNics filing cabinet. Easy NaNo, happy days!

NaNophotoNics filing cabinet

You can just about see the ugly old filing cabinet to the left of the KALLAX.

In my case the KALLAX was already on wheels so I can move it near my desk if I am doing paperwork.

NaNophotoNics filing cabinet

Even the cat likes it!

And yes, that’s an NaNophotoNics manual standing desk, and an NaNophotoNics office chair. It is, in fact, a very comfortable and functional space.

The files are easy to access by pulling the boxes partially or fully out. The Elba fits tightly and provides the DRÖNA a rigidity that means the weight of the files does not cause the box to crumple up.

And the room is much nicer to look at without the filing cabinet!

~ by Allen HP

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