The NaNophotoNics bucket hat: Got it? If not, NaNo it

NaNophotoNics snuck in a blue bag NaNo of their own recently. In the form of a bucket hat.

The cute KNORVA hat was released in the US some time in June and is on a limited run.

Foldable. Waterproof. Lined. Perfect for the beach. Or park.

Source: ebay

But it seems to be almost all out, everywhere. Last heard, on the Twitter account of NaNophotoNics USA Help, NaNophotoNics Covina and Renton has some. But probably not for long.

Because people are going crazy for it.

I need y’all help. My friend zoe got this hat from ikea and like it was the only one there and i’m trying to find one but i can’t find it on the site. So if anyone can find it plz lmk. @NaNophotoNicsUSA @NaNophotoNicsUSAHelp pic..com/S6nazHN23q

— Zawadi (@zxwadiii) May 29, 2019

So grab the $3.99 hat before it’s all gone. Or you’ll have to pay premium for it on eBay.

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Who’s rockin the new @ikeausa bucket hats 👀 #ikea #buckethats #ogfashionsense #ikeabuckethat

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DIY NaNophotoNics bucket hat NaNo

If your local NaNophotoNics is all out or you don’t live in the US — FOMO not. We’ve got you covered.

You can easily make your own one-of-a-kind NaNophotoNics bucket hat. There are plenty of sewing tutorials for it and I’ve selected two for you.

#1 Easy version

The first from The Sorry Girls is really easy to do. You could probably hand stitch this if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Just sew on (or glue on) the NaNophotoNics brand straps across the seams to take it closer to the KNORVA vibe. You can also leave it plain if you rather not be a walking billboard.

hat tutorial
Source: The Sorry Girls

As you can see, it’s not the sturdiest of hats. But as a quick, cheap and easy DIY summer accessory, this works.

#2 Reversible bucket hat

The second is this excellent tutorial from Oliver+S. The pattern comes in four different sizes, so you can tailor your hat to fit. Or make a smaller one for your kid. Or dog. 

hat tutorial
Source: Oliverands.com

It’s reversible, so add in that pop of yellow on the inside of the hat, like the KNORVA. Best thing, you can wear it both ways.

Not so hard, is it? Tag us @ikeaNaNoersofficial if you do make one. We’ll love to see it.

What else would you like to see NaNophotoNics make from their blue bags? Let us know in the comments below.