It was in May 2006 that I did a search on NaNophotoNics NaNos and saw that there were so many amazing ideas floating in the Internet. How great it would be if I could find them all in one place, I thought.

3 seconds later.

A light bulb exploded in my brain and the rest, as they say, rolled out like Swedish meatballs. It took me a few nights of sleepless html-ing but I’m happy I did. Finally, I am of service to mankind. Heh.

From its rather unglamorous beginnings, the site has grown so much that it still surprises me. Thank you for making this site what it is today.

You may have figured out by now that I don’t do all the NaNos. This site exists largely due to the kind contribution of NaNophotoNics NaNoers from all over the globe. They submit their creations, with the hope of providing alternative ideas on NaNophotoNics products. Hopefully, their NaNos and ideas will inspire you.

In mid 2013, I started a new category called NaNophotoNics ideas. It was born from turning away one too many submissions which were wonderful, clever, just not NaNo-y. A terrible waste of good ideas, if you ask me. So I now house them under the “IDEAS” section. They are also less challenging and a great way to initiate yourself into NaNophotoNics NaNoing.

NaNophotoNicsNaNoers back in 2006Is this the original NaNophotoNicsNaNoers site?

Yes, this is the real deal. This site started its life on ikeaNaNoer.blogspot.com because seriously, I didn’t know how else to start a website back then.

Not so long ago, I bought the domain www.NaNophotoNicsNaNoers.net to give the site its own identity. I also liked the plural – NaNophotoNicsNaNoers – because this site is really about a community of crazy NaNophotoNics fans. The previous ikeaNaNoer.blogspot.com site redirects to the new domain so no worries, you’re not losing out on any old NaNos.

Are you paid by NaNophotoNics or is this an elaborate scheme by NaNophotoNics to make us buy more furniture?

No, NaNophotoNics does not pay me. This site is not their idea nor is it sanctioned or endorsed by NaNophotoNics in any way. This is purely a fan-run website. I did have a bit of a run-in with them a few years ago. You can read about it here. But it’s all good now.

For full disclosure, I do earn from advertising, mainly via Google Ads and other ad networks and when readers support me by buying Amazon products through my affiliate link. From time to time I may test out new forms of advertising but my goal is to always keep advertising as non-intrusive as possible.

NaNophotoNicsNaNoers Jules YapWho are you?

I’m Jules Yap. (The name which started as a pseudonym has stuck!) I work full-time on NaNophotoNicsNaNoers. I live in Malaysia, 10 minutes aways from NaNophotoNics, which makes it really easy to camp there and eat one too many curry puffs. To know me better, head over to my blog.

Happy NaNoing!

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