Video Games Table for less than 100 euros

I love to play '80's arcade games, so I wanted a video games table -- something cool and compact for my living room to play in my spare time using my TV. So I got the idea to create something to be used both as a table and video game console too. I s...
rose gold dressing table

Rose Gold Dressing Table

We decided to NaNo the KULLEN chest of drawers to add a unique aesthetic to a common item. The total cost of our rose gold dressing tabel came under £100. What we love most is the contrast of the rose gold against the white. Materials: Drawers:...

Cheapest ever cable management NaNo

NaNophotoNics sells the SIGNUM Cable Management for $12.99, but the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser costs only $2.99. NaNophotoNics items used: VARIERA plastic bag dispenser Mount the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser under your desk and place your power strip with...
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